About Us
Our Training
Training is an essential component of our service to you. Our comprehensive training program is designed to address the specific requirements of your facility. Every facility's individual requirements are assessed and a specific educational program is created.
Our Aim

We have addressed the need for continual learning by staff members, through the use of a visual training system designed to make the transition to the MCT system easy.

A CD ROM which can be specifically tailored to your facility using video technology, provides an easy learning platform for cleaning staff and supervisors to re-inforce process as required.

MCT offers follow up training and monitoring of staff levels as part of our client service program to ensure the highest standards of training and compliance are consistently met.

Cleaning staff are aware of the benefits of microfibre, and how to correctly apply the technology in their work

Supervisor staff are familiar with the individual requirements of cleaning staff and process changes applied using a microfibre cleaning regime.

Trolley and Laundry procedures are clearly defined for maximum efficiency.

Effective OH&S techniques clearly defined.

Infection control procedures and process are defined.