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Product Background
The microfibre product range has the capacity to eliminate bacteria living on surfaces and on objects used daily such as tables, sinks, floors, windows and plastics. The use of the product microfibre cloth allows the removal of dirt, as well as the reduction of bacteria living on dirty surfaces. The cleaning effect of the cloth remains practically constant even after 300 washing and cleaning cycles.
MCT Products
Fibres in the cloth attract dust and dirt particles. Read more.....
Flat Mopheads
MCT's flat mopping makes the traditional heavy mop a watse of time and energy.  Read more.....
Hardware & Accessories
Accessories are lightweight and strong. Read more.....
Occupational Health & Safety

  • Microfibre Cleaning Technology improves the occupational health and safety of your working environment. Cleaning with microfibre takes the heavy work out of cleaning.
  • By reducing chemical use by 90% MCT dramatically reduces the exposure of cleaning staff to potentially harmful chemicals.
  • MCT leaves NO chemical residue or excess water on the surface layer. Not only does this help keep the surface clean but will also improve safety.
  • All equipment weighs less than 2 kg's.  Traditional mops are over 14 kg's
  • Quantifiable ROI with OH&S departments