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Microfibre Cleaning Technology (MCT) is an Australian owned company that has provided solutions to the cleaning industry since 1998.
Microfibre is a water-based cleaning solution that was invented and developed in Sweden in the 1990's. Applying microfibre cleaning technology to your cleaning needs problems will eliminate the need for 60%-90% of chemical products - with dramatically improved results and reduced water usage in the cleaning industry

Our Clients

The MCT solution has been implemented within hospitals throughout Australia, including St Vincent's Hospital Sydney and Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital. MCT has providede the MCT system to over 30 hospitals nationally and even more internationally.
MCT is an Australian company bringing tailored microfibre cleaning practices to Aged and Health Care facilities. Established in 1998, we are the leaders in our field, and have helped over 65 facilities nationally to reduce cost and improve cleaning standards. Our products and processes are NSW state government supply accredited.
Contract Cleaners
MCT has worked together with contract cleaning companies such as, International Hotels Services (IHS); Spotless ; Contract Cleaning; Cleaning Services and Property Services to ensure that we meet customer and partner expectations.
MCT provides a range of services in the education sector. This includes implementing the MCT product range in schools to providing specialised MCT training courses at TAFE.

MCT are approved NSW and QLD State Goverment Suppliers, a member of ISSA since 2003